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Instructor Resources

Here you will find video content that will give you the knowledge to teach and support your students.

Some LiL Best Practices

  • Provide Clear instructions regarding expectations around student use of LinkedIn Learning. 
  • Avoid overloading students with excessive LiL supplement materials. 
  • Encourage students to not watch entire courses in one sitting (unless it's so good they would like to finish it).
  • Encourage students to resist keeping the information learned to themselves, but to share with others what they have learned. 
  • Encourage students to give themselves challenges or incorporate discovery and play. 
  • Encourage students to watch courses multiple times. 

Duration:  1m 33s


Course: Teaching with LinkedIn Learning Video: Building digital literacy skills

Duration:  2m 24s


Course: Teaching with LinkedIn Learning Video: Empowering students with technology

Duration:  2m 27s


Course: Teaching with LinkedIn Learning Video: Helping students become career ready

Duration:  2m 19s


Course: Teaching with LinkedIn Learning Video: Working with collections

Duration:  3m 25s


Brain-Based Elearning Design: Teaching Tools - Topics include increasing learner attention and connecting with learners, and tips for making the learning stick. Using research on the neuroscience of learning, Joe explores how to create eLearning that is highly effective at helping people learn.
Duration: 1h 15m  Do not watch the entire course in one sitting!

There are two, possibly three options to use the LinkedIn Learning Platform with your students. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you incorporate active learning strategies as you never want students to just sit and watch videos one after the other without engaging in some kind of learning by doing activity.

Flipped Classroom –  In this case, you have the students watch the videos on their own time, and you use the class time to do hands-on workshops, quizzes and other forms of instruction that apply what is learned from the video content.

Flipping the Classroom - Duration: 2m 28s
When not to flip - Duration: 2m 38s

Blended Learning Classroom –  This would be a combination of both direct face to face instruction while using online materials or instruction. The videos are short, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes. In the blended mode you could have the student watch a few at a time and provide a small demonstration or activity that supports and assesses what they have learned.

Self-Paced Supplementary Resource –  Provide the resource to students to learn during their own time.

A curated playlist of courses relevant to diversity awareness and intercultural competence.
Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our Differences: Teacher Support - Find the greater meaning, well-being, and productivity by learning how to interact with others across differences. Continue your Thrive journey and discover how to create inclusive environments where everyone can thrive. In this course, Arianna Huffington and Verna Myers discuss the impact of our cultural lens on our daily relations and how to counter bias in our words and actions.
Duration: 40m 
Finding Your Introvert/Extrovert Balance in the Workplace: Introversion and extroversion are core parts of human personality theory. Even though people tend to demonstrate more of one behavior than the other, growing professionally often demands that we be able to understand and appreciate both types. In this course, Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes explain the psychological and physiological differences between introversion and extroversion. 
Duration: 59m 25s