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Directions to get Started

FYI- You will need a regular computer for this class. 
Tablets and phones will not work.

INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Binsfeld
[email protected]
661 203 5950 = Cell- but the best way to get a hold of me is on the Remind App...see step #2

Follow these steps to get started.

1. Complete TOPS/ Pro Submission Form

2. Download Remind App- This is the best way to get in contact with me
Download on your phone or computer (Links to an external site.)  

Our class code is: 332ag8b

You will receive text messages from me that will come from (732 722-5171).
If you already have the Remind app on your phone and get an error message when entering into my class...update the app and it should fix the problem

3. Get Started in Edgenuity
Log onto Edgenuity


Username = [email protected]
Password= Last 3 digits of UID

Example: if your UID number is 345678
Your username would be  [email protected]org
You password would be 678


EXAMPLE- this is not your username and password
Use insert your own UID and Password
log in nw


Once you are logged in you will see your class.
Click on the class name- don't click on NEXT Activity.

What is the difference between a Lesson and Unit? Quiz and Test?
A unit is made up of 3-7 Lessons.
At the end of each Lesson you take a Quiz.

At the end of each Unit you take a Test.
You must get a 70% on quizzes and tests to advance.

How much work should I complete each week?

You need to pass at least 1 Unit Test per week.
Each unit you complete counts as 1 Credit.
Each class contains 5 units/ 5 credits.
You may complete up to 2 Units per week but no more.

When is my work due each week?
Thursday night at midnight is the deadline for the week.
If you take one unit test per week you are on track.

If I don't keep up with my work will I be dropped?
If you miss two deadlines during a 5 week class you will be dropped.


How can I make sure I am successful in Independent Study?
1- Do your work. LOL. Try and make uninterrupted time for yourself to concentrate on your work. Inform others in your household that school in important to you and ask them to please respect that by allowing time to work without interruption.

2- Get into your groove. There may be a certain time of day that works best for you. Early morning, late night after kids are in bed, during lunch at work, etc.. figure out what works best for you and start. 

3- Just get started. When I'm tired at the end of the day and don't really feel like doing school work I just tell myself, hey, I'm just going to sit down and complete 1 lesson. But once I complete i lesson I start another and another and pretty soon the Unit is done. so... JUST GET STARTED ! ! !

4- HMU if you need help. If you are stuck ask for help. Use the remind app to send me messages. Like most teachers I don't have a life during the school year so you are never bothering me.  Evening, nights, weekends are fine, you are never bothering me.  I stay up late and silence my phone before bed, so if its late and you have a question... just ask.  If I am already sleeping I will get to it first thing in the morning.


How do I submit to get elective credits waived with work experience?
When you start your last class you will use this form...
Work Experience Credit Information (
Do not submit for Work Experience until you have started your last class.