CASAS Assessment

What is it, and Why do I have to take it?
CASAS, short for Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems, is a program recognized nationwide for evaluating adult students. It is used as a competency-based assessment system to gauge the skills of adult learners in basic skills, English language proficiency, and literacy skills necessary for effective functioning in the workplace and daily life. The CASAS Assessment helps our school place students in suitable classes and training programs, ranging from primary education to advanced levels in areas like Adult Basic Education, GED, High School Diploma, and ESL (English as a Second Language).
At Bakersfield Adult School, most of our programs are free, thanks to the funding we receive. This funding is partly based on the data we collect from CASAS results. By documenting student success through CASAS, we secure state and federal funding, essential for maintaining our programs.
Students must understand that although taking tests as often as we do, their participation in these CASAS assessments is vital. As it helps keep classes free for thousands of students. The system not only tracks how well students are doing and confirms their growing skills as they progress but also ensures the effectiveness of our adult school programs in achieving expected learning outcomes. This process also involves regular reporting to the BAS staff and annual reporting to the California Department of Education, ensuring accountability and continual improvement of our educational offerings.