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High School Diploma


A student can earn credit and receive a high school diploma through Bakersfield Adult School. Among students we serve are those 18 years and older who have dropped out of school or who have graduated from a high school in another country and are now seeking a high school diploma in English from a U.S. high school.


Diploma classes are provided free of charge to all students enrolled. Students in diploma classes may purchase their textbooks from the Finance Office for each class in which they are enrolled. Please see the course schedule for the fees for each class.


If you attended a school in Kern High School District at any time since 1985, your transcript may already be available on the district computer system. When you arrive to enroll in classes, the counselor can check your transcript on the computer.

If you are coming from another school district, in-state or out of state, you should request that transcripts be sent to Bakersfield Adult School well in advance of enrolling in classes. Some delays in obtaining transcripts may be unavoidable. When transcripts are received, previous high school credit earned will be evaluated and a schedule will be planned for each student. If you cannot obtain your transcript, we will send for it once you sign your request form.

Foreign transcripts can also be evaluated for credit. It may take some time to evaluate these transcripts so please bring them in to the registrar's office well in advance of enrolling.

Residency, Attendance and Graduation Requirements

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