Bakersfield Adult School

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Student age requirement: Age 18 years or older.
Enrollment depends upon classroom space availability.
Business and Computer Classes: (no assessment required) Sign-up by filling out Registration Form Here. You can also contact the counseling office by phone at 661.396.4423 for more information regarding specific dates, times, and locations.
Most other classes require assessment – see below.
Diploma, GED, ABE or ESL Classes: Assessment REQUIRED.
Students must assess each fiscal year. For assessment, you do not need to schedule an appointment – use the assessment schedule below to determine when and where to appear.
Assessment areas are all located on our Mt. Vernon Campus. “Being in line early to be assured of a test seat in any one of our 1½ - 2 hour assessments of your basic education skills is advised”. Classes have filled very quickly in past sessions, therefore delaying your assessment may mean “not” being able to obtain desired classes. No fee counseling for Diploma and Adult Basic Education is provided after assessment.
Program Assessment Locations: (appear for one no fee assessment given only at the 501 S. Mt. Vernon Campus)
Diploma or GED & ABE assess in Bldgs. 505 and 506 at Gate 4. (turn right just after entering Gate 4)
ESL assess in Rooms 102, 105, & 121 at Gate 2.
(to the right of our U.S. flag)