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Older Adults

We have 6 certificated teachers in the Older Adult Program and at 12 different facilities. Programs for older adults are designed to offer lifelong education that will provide opportunities for personal growth and development, community involvement, survival skills needed for self-maintenance and economic self-sufficiency.

Content of course offerings includes, but is not limited to, understanding the aging process and the role of nutrition and exercise in maintaining good health, applying principles of sound consumerism and financial management, building positive relationships and support systems, and developing competencies, skills and interests that assist in enhancing the quality of life.

These classes are offered at over twelve locations including schools, senior centers, community centers, retirement and convalescent homes.

Program Coordinator

Sue Brittian

Our Classes
Communication Skills
Cultural Studies/ People, Places & Things
Historical & Current Events
Fine & Applied Arts/ Holiday Arts & Crafts
Fine & Applied Arts/ Wearable Art & Serger Sewing
Fine & Applied Arts/ Basic Drawing/ Oil Painting
Oral & Written Communication
Physical Fitness/ Diet, Exercise & Nutrition

Our Teachers
Gary Anderson
Walter Giordano
Lorie Fox
Rebecca Petersen

Our Facilities
Evergreen Arvin (854-4475)
Golden Living (323-2894)
Glenwood Gardens (587-0221)
Kern City Association (831-2035)
Life House Parkview (327-7107)
Pacifica (663-9671)
Parkview Julian (831-9150)
Rasmussen Center (392-2030)
Rosewood Gardens (834-0620)
Westchester Gardens Southwest (398-8802)