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Independent Study

What is Adult Independent Study?

Independent Study is an educational program that provides the opportunity for adult students 19 and older, to complete Kern High School District's diploma requirements. Most courses (including elective credits) may be taken via Independent Study. We offer two types of Independent Study: online and traditional. The counselor will advise you on which type will suit your needs the best.

Where is Independent Study offered?

INDEPENDENT STUDY - Textbook Checkout and Online are both schedule in our central office below:

Bakersfield Adult School
501 South Mount Vernon- GATE 4
Annex Building- Room 508
Bakersfield, CA 93307

How does Independent Study work?

Students meet with a teacher one day a week for one hour at a regularly scheduled time. Students may complete most course work required for the Kern High School District diploma. Students work on one class at a time.

Time, effort and ability determine the speed with which students complete course work. A grade of a 'C' or better is required to complete classes at a quicker pace.

Previous high school transcripts are accepted and applied to our district's requirements; both completed course work and partial credit are accepted. Military experience, acceptable academic college credits and documented work experience all apply toward fulfilling graduation requirements.

On-line Independent Study for Diploma

Read and complete your assignments from your home computer by accessing this password protected program to finish your high school credits. Students meet with a teacher once weekly in our computer lab at the 501 South Mt. Vernon Avenue campus – GATE 4, Room 506. No book deposit or program fee is required.

When is Independent Study offered?

Independent Study is offered in the fall and spring semesters with an additional summer school session. Day and some evening appointments are available.

Who qualifies for Independent Study?

Independent study enrollees must be 19 years of age or older and pass the CASAS assessment test that is administered prior to enrollment. There is no upper age-limit for enrollment in Independent Study; to date our oldest graduate has been 78 years old! It works for everyone!

How do I enroll?

Call 661.396.4423 for enrollment information.

Why is there an Independent Study component to Bakersfield Adult School?

The counseling staff at Bakersfield Adult School's Independent Study office is well-equipped to counsel anyone who qualifies for this individually tailored approach to high school education. Please feel free to ask questions or to make an appointment to meet with a counselor.

Book Return and Time Limit Policy

  1. Book Return Time Limit: *Each book must be returned to the Finance Office "no more than 2 weeks after" ending each Independent Study class.
  2. BAS reserves the right to charge you for any books not returned and/or withhold your diploma.
  3. If you are dropped from the Independent Study program, you still must provide your I.D. and turn in your book within 2 weeks of your drop date.
The same time frame applies when the Independent Study Program stops at the end of each school year. All materials must be returned before the end of the school year. No refund will be processed after June 30.