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Need for Services

In addition to meeting, eligibility criteria Parents/Guardians counted in the family size must meet
at least one-need criteria and provide documentation of the need in one or more categories:
Note: Family’s whose eligibility criteria is CPS or At Risk are not required to meet a need

• Employment Verification
• Declaration of Self – Employment
• Request and Plan to Seek Employment ( Max 5 days per week, for less than 30 hours per
• Training Verification (Training leading to a vocational goal and must make adequate
progress. In addition, services are limited for up to 6 years from the date participant starts
classes or until participant reaches 24 units after the attainment of a bachelor’s degree)
• Engaged in an educational program for English language learners or to attain a high
school diploma or general educational development certificate.
• Request and Plan to Seeking Permanent Housing for family stability ( Max 5 days per
week, for less than 30 hours per week)
• Homelessness Referral Letter
• Statement of Parental Incapacity ( Max of 50 hours per week)
• Welfare to Work Plan Activity Assignment ( CalWORKs programs)